Johnathan McCamperbelt (also known by his real name as Johnathan James McCamperbelt) is an energetic, but a lovable (sometimes) hero who wears a blue navy shirt with a stylish gray-ish black hair. For Johnathan, he is sometimes clumsy, and sometimes stupid, but he just wants to be with his friends and want's to be the best hero their is.


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Johnathan always wears his traditional big blue shirt for his day to day basic's, green shorts, orange shoes, and a big stylish black/gray-ish hair, with peachy skin and his eye colors are black, but sometimes... he get's to wear different outfits what ever he likes.



Johnathan's personality is Energetic, Carefree and Happy-Go-Lucky, and as for any main protagonist in different types of media (that being Video Games, Movies and TV Shows), he always cares about his friends and has a little bit of an adventure inside of him, but sometimes for any character, Johnathan gets a little bit of an anger problem, and for his anger problem, there would be electrical sparks coming out of himself.


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